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Ultimate Range

Ultimate Speed

Ultimate Reliability

Harness the power of Peplink HD4-MBX

At the heart of the Celldome is the best cellular router available,
proven the most reliable, not only yachting, but in a wide range of industries

16 High Gain Omni-directional Antennas

Promarine 5311 antennas ensures best range in any direction and are also 5G ready, covering the 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band

Short coax cables, terminated in ideal conditions

Not only do short, low loss cables ensure the best performance possible, they’re terminated and tested in a controlled environment meaning better performance and long term reliability

Easy to install

All of the technical install is done in our workshop, meaning the Celldome just needs an ethernet, power and grounding cable installed on site. Crew or shipyard can now install and still expect Ultimate Performance

Modems and Router

Router type

Peplink HD4-MBX

Modem type

4 x Cat18 (Module upgradable)

Theoretical speed

2-5 Gbs

Max Speedfusion

600 Mbs

Antennas and Cable

Antenna type

Promarine 5311

Antenna number


Frequency range

600 MHz – 6GHz

VSWR over range

<2 over range. <1.5 at most LTE

Coax type


Coax loss

Max 0.5db at 3800MHz

Connection and Physical attributes

Voltage required

24V – 28V DC (Other voltages on request)

Current draw

<1A at 24V normal use

Data connection

CAT6 Cable to length


5mm Single core



Dome type

Intellian i6

Modems and Router

Max enthernet length


Suitable accesories

Peplink Sim Injector
Horizon Hosting Speedfusion